I came away with money!

I have to say that when we rounded the corner and saw the queue to get in we were a little taken aback, especially as it then started to rain. So we were the ones skulking in a doorway watching the queue move. The hall was rather like a station with its ceiling.

Tea and cake, slightly dry!

This, of course was knitted and part of the Great Ormond Street Giant Knitted Gingerbread House.



I think the only in focus pictures!

 I believe these are the responsibility of the Natural Dye Studio.

Lots of people with Ravelry badges on, I was travelling slightly incognito as I had a non blog/Ravelry adult with me. So we only managed to catch Natalie and Jane. However, whilst in the queue for my latest craving, fibre, I was joined by 3 out of the other 4 novice spinners from my class. We obviously know a good deal when we see one.

More next year please, this was the best show I have been to. Plenty of room to move around, light and airey Hall. The only niggle, which I am sure you can never have enough of. Chairs and Tea!! Why do we all choose to drink at the same time?


Did you think I’d forgotten.

The Main Event.

Was it worth getting wet yet again for?

Of course it was.

There will of course be better pictures, I hope from those on the front row.


4 responses to “I came away with money!

  1. You are good coming back with money, it looked great!

  2. I am very impressed that you managed not to bankrupt yourself. Poor Mel kept complaining that she hadn’t bought enough stuff! I feel we got away lightly…

  3. you are so lucky to have been there!

  4. sorry I missed you, glad you had a good day!

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