This week I had a delivery, that went back to the sorting office, don’t they all.

It was something that I had ordered from here and was looking forward to seeing. I not only like the fact that its fairly locally made but also that its made by craftsmen with a love of the materials they use.  A thing of true beauty, it is much lighter than my current spindles so there may be a chance of sock wool yet. I heard about these spindles from one of the lady’s at the spinning class who had bought hers from The Handweavers Studio. I won’t name names but thanks for the tip.

You may also notice a small amount of fibre has crept in, and believe me its not all of it. I can’t reach the rest!

First there is 300g of undyed Merino, a bargain at £2.50 for 100g, from Fibre Harvest  along with two braids from the lovely, and now sold out,  Jo . These were both bought at I-Knit and cuddled all the way home to ensure no water got into the bags, how wet was last Saturday. There may have been a Herdymug aswell. Then there are 4 braids bought from Spindlefrog, in picture order they are Gotland, Wensleydale, BFL and another Gotland. 

I like to try different things, you may have noticed.


 Just in case you can’t see quite how beautifully crafted this spindle is.

Wild Olivewood on Sycamore with Walnut shaft

1 1/8 oz Whorl size 70mm


3 responses to “Deliveries

  1. Love the look of that spindle, I can feel a purchase coming on mebbe! A great selection of fibres, looks like you’re hooked on spinning!

  2. Oh! You bought one! I adore mine. It balances beautifully and just the feel of it makes a huge difference to how I spin. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you produce with yours. 🙂

  3. You enabler! I’ve just given in to those beautiful spindles too…

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