Strictly Saturday

I’ve been baking, mostly to fill the freezer, theres only two of us here and I don’t do alot of cakes so its the best option. The last visitors we had were disgusted at the lack of cakes….they were only here one night, I didn’t think it necessary!

Nigella’s Chocolate Brownies, less Walnuts plus Macadamia and Cranberries. Dairy Free. It did cut into 21.

Green and Blacks Chocolate Beetroot Cake.

Riverford Beetroot Cake. Dairy Free.

All these because I was forced into a Sainsbury’s trip and they had 15 ungraded Free Range eggs for £2, bargain.

This has been distracting me from Spinning and most other things for a couple of weeks. Socktopus Sock Club 5th instalment. Magic Loop, can you believe it, taught myself. Also Toe Up…..using Judy’s cast on method, much easier on a circular needle than DPN’s. The beauty of the pattern will be revealed in blocking.

As its Strictly season I have to have a fairly mindless project. This year it is a Misty Scarf from Interweave Scarf Style. The yarn is Rowans Kid Classic, the darker pink was from the KGC £1 bran tub at I-Knit! Doesn’t look much but I only started this on Friday due to being in York last weekend.

I have 4 dancers in the family sweep, a certain grumpy old man doesn’t do Strictly so he spends an hour each Saturday on his own reading the newspaper! Also have a dancer in a Ravelry sweep. so am rooting for Austin Healy, Mark Foster, Andrew Castle and unrealistically Gary Rhodes.

Tomorrow we are visiting friends in Eastbourne which means a trip to Lakeland, well I am sure there is something I can’t live without.

3 responses to “Strictly Saturday

  1. you’ve been busy!
    Just of to watch Brucie & co, can’t pick a winner, they’re all my favourites!

  2. Cakes look lovely – even the beetroot one (am seriously allergic to the stuff).

    I love Stricty, am a total addict – can’t pick a favourite out of the boys – the guy with the slinky hips (dancing with Camillia) looked good. As for the ladies – Cherie is amazing, oooo to look that good at her age!!

  3. I havent got any sweeps but I’d like to see Heather Small get somewhere, and quite sorry to see Jodie Kidd in the dance off, none of the blokes really stand out for me yet!

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