Questions – SoSeSaSwap!!

These are the answers for a Socktopus Secret Santa swap I am taking part in. I have volunteered to make up a sock kit for someone. Please don’t judge me too closely by my music tastes!

1. What are your favourite colours and fibres? –  I lean more towards deep rich colours but especially like Purples, Greens, Browns and Pinks. I prefer natural fibres.

2. Anything that makes your toes curl? (Fibre, colour, other) –  In short I don’t care for  Pastels, brights such as Orange and Yellow and certainly no Acrylic.

3. Would you describe yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced knitter? –  I would think Intermediate for Socks as they are mainly what I knit. Colourwork I am a beginner and Cables just dangerous!

4. Do you have an online wishlist? (Amazon or other) –  Not a Crafty One.

5. Any new techniques you’d like to learn? – I would like to be able to Cable more successfully, so that something actually fitted at the end of it. Also have to try knitting 2 socks on one circular yet and Toe up socks with a heel flap.

6. What is your favourite:

Snack? –  I am not a Sweetie so Chocolate is quite low down the list despite what entries on this blog suggest. I certainly prefer savouries like Crisps, Nuts and Olives but can be tempted by Percy Pigs or Haribo.

Book? –  I read quite a variety of books but certainly not blood and Gore, Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

Music? – Very Middle of the Road Easy Listening. Sorry if this is of no use but if I tell you I have CD’s by Andrea Bocelli, Take That, Elvis, Steps, Faith Hill, Deacon Blue and Jools Holland it gives you some idea.

7. What are your favourite items to knit? –  I could try and lie but I think its fairly well documented I knit Socks. No matter how hard I try I still knit socks!

8. Any patterns that are top of your queue? –  Since Ravelry I have a never ending queue although what pattern is top depends on the yarn I am planning to use. I do have my eye on most of Yarnissima’s patterns.

9. Do you have any other hobbies? –  I suppose Spinning is the newest but I also make cards and I love cooking when I have time.

10. Tell us about yourself. When did you first pick up your needles? Who/what encouraged you to start knitting? How would you describe your knitting style? Are you a process knitter or a product knitter, etc. –  My memory doesn’t recall when I started knitting, I suspect it was at some family gathering. I am someone who likes to try things so that will have been the reason for learning to knit. I have certainly been knitting for 30+ years.

I am most likely a process knitter because I knit to try different methods  regardless of whether the item is needed. Hence my huge stash of socks.


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