Sunday 28 September 2008 – 08:30


We were very early for breakfast, so took a slight de-tour to Birling Gap. What you see is Seven Sisters.

One way to park your boat. You can see a garden fence above, the house has given in to erosion long ago.

We are thinking of a frame for this perhaps. Lovely beach pebbles.

This has to be one of my favourite places, generally empty, well sheltered and untouched by commercialism. I don’t mind it when its blowing a gale either!


4 responses to “Sunday 28 September 2008 – 08:30

  1. what a gorgeous place, it reminds me of Chesil beach in Dorset,glad you enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine

  2. That’s one of my favourite places too. I love the circular walk from Cuckmere through Friston Forest then up and down a few of the Seven Sisters.

    Sadly for me, the only Seven Sisters I see on a regular basis is the London Underground Station of the same name.

    Gorgeous photos.

  3. It is a place we visit regularly and in the summer stop on route at the victorian tea garden at Littlington for lunch.

  4. Lovely place. I grew up with keen walking parents and we spent much time there!

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