When I started knitting socks I kept hearing about Blocking, hadn’t a clue what it was. There was mention of, what I thought at the time, expensive sock blockers. After all wouldn’t feet block socks? Then Wire coat hangers, Blue Peter style, were mentioned and I started to get worried. I was missing something. I know everyone doesn’t see the need to block socks and I was one. But. Here’s a good example, I think, of where they make a sock look something, even wearable!

Not the best picture, because of the arctic conditions here. Socks for Olive Oil perhaps, certainly not for my thick calfs and ankles.

Soaked and stretched onto blockers, they become presentable and actually look wearable.

The pattern opens up and the effort was all worth it.

Pattern: Socktopus Socks Club August 2008, Hopscotch Socks by Anna Bell.

Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun Soft Spun

Colour: Toadstool

Method: Toe up. Magic Loop, my first attempt and I have enjoyed it so much the next pair were quickly transferred once the needle became available. One of the cables involved two needles I got some strange looks on the train when I had two cable needles sticking out of my mouth. 


8 responses to “Blockhead

  1. lovely!
    can I ask where you got the sockblockers from?

  2. Gorgeous, I love the colours. I’m so glad I joined the club for next year.

  3. Gorgeous, makes me sorry I’m not much of a sock knitter!

  4. I love how this pattern opens up and looks so pretty when stretched on the blockers or feet, not much to look at before hand though!

    Yours look fabulous 🙂

  5. They are so lovely, I laughed imagining you on the train with the heedles sticking out of your mouth!

  6. Really lovely. I passed on buying some sock blockers once, when I had only knit a few pairs and couldn’t yet see the point. Still kicking myself.

  7. Beautiful! I have joined the Socktopus club this year, couldn’t resist…

  8. Love the handspun scarf. Is the garter stitch piece you’ve started the dish cloth? It looks really gorgeous. Love the colours and the pattern.

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