Still Here

Just knitting alot for Christmas which I can’t show of course. 

Last week we went to The Royal Albert Hall for the first time, oh to be able to afford more visits there. We saw Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra which was brilliant, he’s such a clever chap. Tomorrow we are going to see Frankie Boyle as part of the Brighton Comedy Festival.

 Tomorrow is someones birthday and Claude and I have been busy.

Not being a regular chocolate buyer I was surprised to see how few bubbles Aero have in each bag and how little chocolate there is coating the Maltesers. I’m sure It’ll please the 4 youngsters next door who always share their cakes with us.


4 responses to “Still Here

  1. enjoy Frankie Boyle and the cake (but not togetehr, that would be odd)

  2. We went to see Frankie Boyle last year – he’s even ruder live – but just as brilliant. I love Bill Bailey too!

  3. What a yummy cake!

  4. Ooh many thanks for spreading the word about the blankets. I now have 3 squares done – only another 97 to go…

    I love the hourglass socks, so pretty. I still have only got one diamond patch sock done, so am thinking that mum will have one cold foot at Christmas and one toasty one!

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