Cross and Patches

Cake was yummy if not a little sickly for me but the recipient devoured his share. We had to leave half with the children next door as we were in York for the weekend, cake like that doesn’t travel well. This weekend was for depositing and collecting Birthday and Christmas presents, one more to go. Its surprising what you can get on public transport.

On the knitting front I have finished these, what a saga. The sprouts are my birthday present from Mum and Dad, they have a sense of humour!

Pattern: Hourglass from

Yarn: Oceanwinds Merino (185yds per skein)

Colour: Truffle

Problems: There shouldn’t have been any. The yarn is not what is used on the pattern BUT it is the same yardage AND I did do the feet 3/4 pattern repeat less. So you would expect things to go fine, WRONG. On the first sock I firstly had a knot halfway down the leg, not too impressed but carried on. The yarn ran out about 8 rows into the toe. Maybe this skein is shorter than the other so I started the second sock with hope, fool that I am. This one was got a little further because of my caution so both toes were frogged and then cobbled, not a thing I like to do, one is still shorter than the other but the socks fit. Is it me or does this seem wrong to you? Rant over.

On a much more generous note. This very kind lady has once again volunteered to sew up blanket(s) this time for St Dunstan’s. It seems particularly apt as Rememberance Day is approaching. So if you have a few yards or more of washable DK spare and a minute or two knit a few squares for Michaela, as if she doesn’t have enough to do!

Only two so far but it hasn’t even dented the ball and I have 3 others to go at.

Mitred 4 “Square.

Yarns: James C Brett Washable Merino DK.

Needles: 4mm


Cast On 50 stitches. Check this measures 8″, this is because this will be 2 sides of the square, add or remove stitches as necessary and adjust the pattern accordingly.

Row 1: K23, ssk, k2tog, K23

Row 2: Knit.

Row 3: K22, ssk, k2tog, k22.

Row 4: Knit

You get the idea.


Yarn and needles as above.


Cast on 1 stitch

Row 1: K f/b

Row 2: K f/b, K1.

Row 3: K f/b, K2

and so on until you have 35 stitches. This is where you check that the edges (not the stitches on the needle) are 4″. You may have to increase more or less

Next row: K2tog knit to end.

Continue like this til 1 stitch remains.

I aren’t an expert on these but they worked for me.


3 responses to “Cross and Patches

  1. The socks look lovely despite the problems.

  2. Your socks are lovely.

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