Socktopus = Much better than a Library for research!

Very easy to find, I wouldn’t need a map next time. So if you need a guide.

 If you have a bag you must have bought plenty, who moi?!


Brooklyn Handspun

Soft Spun Plus

Colour: Splashdown


 Hazel Knits

Artisan Sock

Colour: Chuckanut Drive (honestly)


Colour: Weekend Warrior (impossible to photograph)


Malabrigo Sock

Colour: Solis (much more vibrant than the weather allows me to photograph)


December is Spinning month, remind me of that won’t you. So I thought I would need another, I know, Spindle.

Sublime Spindles.


I may have bought some smaller items but they are for Presents.

I will return, if only to have a cup of tea with Alice and Deuce. Hate refusing hospitality.


5 responses to “Ooops

  1. Lovley yarn -am so jealous.

  2. Very very jealous. I must go next time I am in London…. ooooh and I might make Alice bring some of the Hazel Knits with her to the Socktopus weekend in Norfolk, it looks fab.

  3. Gorgeous yarn – love the name ‘Chuckanut Drive’!

  4. I love stocks. Finding some at this time of year – how lucky are you!?

    Please send me your address – I have a small pressie to send by way of thanks for the cards…

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