Remember Michaela?

The very kind lady who actually volunteers to sew lots of little squares together for others.

I sent her some squares and a few extras.

Look what she sent me, I am in awe.

Tiny felted boots for the Christmas Tree.


There is, yes still, Homemade Fudge which beats anything you’ve bought. Hands down.


Next, Jo sent me a lovely Lavender Bag, well yes I was buying Fibre at the time.

Her colours are amazing.


Thank You both.

Birthday = No work, brilliant way to celebrate!

Going in search of Fish and Chips, we may even eat them if we feel hungry enough.


5 responses to “Generosity

  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday – mmmm fish-n-chips, yummy!

  2. A timely present indeed! have alovely birthday!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! Those booties are so sweet – that Michaela is one crafty lady!


  4. Glad you like them. Oh that fibre is gorgeous – not sure I’d want to spin it though, it looks so pretty in that fat plait. Not that I can spin anyway!

  5. Lovely! happy birthday!

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