On Safari

A very belated look at what I returned home with when the Dog, Chicken and Aardvark knitting group in Brighton had a Safari! See here.

Having ventured East on 2 buses with my bags of cakes and swap items I did actually return with less than I took, but only on the cake front. The number of artisan yarn stalls was a feast for the eyes, Nimu, Lime Green Jelly, EasyKnits and Wibbo’s Works to name the ones I can remember. I tried to be good but as I stalked people with my book of Raffle tickets I had too many opportunities to browse. In the end I returned with what wasn’t freely available elsewhere, at the time.

So we have Wibbo’s Works Sock yarn in Northern Lights (very like handmaiden and Malabrigo colours to me) and Chocolate Fondant. Hopefully you get the colours from one of these pictures. This yarn is 75% wool and 25% nylon, 420m per 100g.

Next, from the very nice Jon, Easyknits Fibre in Planet Earth. After seeing the yarn version of this I am confident mine will not spin up anything like! Also an Easyknits Sushi sock roll in Monster Mash. Both of these became my birthday presents from SIL.

Finally a raffle prize, no it wasn’t a fix. There were lots of prizes so it did mean alot of people went home happy, always a good thing. I chose some more WW yarn this time Organic Australian Merino, Sport weight and 2 x 100g (a huge 750m) now I haven’t a clue how to do it justice. All ideas gratefully received.

I think the event went well and considering most of the organising and cost was by one person they remained reasonably sane throughout! Well done Peri and I for one totally understand if you still have your feet up. BUT, there aren’t enough of these events locally!

One response to “On Safari

  1. Thank you – glad you had a good day. Thanks for being my raffle ticket star.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been sane – reasonably or otherwise.

    As for next year – I am still a pondering the way forward 😀

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