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Lets take it from the top, can you tell I’ve written this listening to Elaine Paige on Sunday!


A little ruffle.

The Heel, garter short row, a new favourite. So easy, believe me.


Finally the toe.

This gives the game away, the yarn was dyed to stripe but I like to be different and am very pleased with the results.

A pattern to revisit.


The boring detail.

Pattern: Mermaid by Lucy Neatby from this book which I have had some time and always been scared to use.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny, Sock Club September 2008 (I think)

I did swatch, which is unknown but Lucy said it was necessary.

Cast on 84 stitches on 2.5mm needles then did the heel on 2.25mm.

This is a deceptively easy knit and I’ll be doing a few more as I think it shows off the yarn well.

Now back to the current project, not one you’ve seen.

 Socktopus Sock Club Jan 2009, should be finished by the time you read this unless what you see in the header distracts me again.

Need a wheel for speed……..nooooooooooooooooo!



Yarn Yard Sock Club

In need of some attention.

Take a look at the beauties that have landed on the door mat since August 2008 and how many have actually seen a needle.

Shamefully only 3 out of the 12 skeins.

This isn’t beacuse I dislike any of the colours its generally because I can’t make up my mind which pattern will suit.


I aim to knit at least one of the skeins the month of their arrival, should really be aiming at 6 pairs a month to make a dent in my stash aswell but that’s as likely as me jogging.

Maybe we’ll have a challenge month.

 I’ll keep you posted on that one.

That Book

You know the one I’m talking about, see here and here.

As usual I didn’t think I had enough projects on needles, too many needles I think!

So, here’s the answer to what to knit first.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny

Shade: Parfait

Pattern: Pot Pourri by Deb Barnhill


I knew it would be downhill once I started so.

Yarn: Skein Queen Plushness

Shade: Caramel Blue

Pattern: Escher by Lorna Miser


 I must resist any more, well at least til I get one pair off the needles.


Socktopus Sock Club 2007/8

So here is a resume of the club year, if you have joined for 2009 you won’t be disappointed.

Alice manages to come up with something new and challenging with each package.

Take a bow Jane Lithgow, Erqusome, Diane Mulholland, Alice Yu, Anna Bell and Louisa Sisson. I can knit them but I can’t design them.

Grand Finale

The final instalment of the 2007/8 Socktopus Sock club, finished.

These were knit in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock, Sugar Maple, which is a fabulous yarn, glad I bought a couple of skeins on my trip to the shop.


 Pattern: Tear My Sole by Louisa Sisson.

Very effective pattern that flew off the needles once I got started.

 I have my eye on a few more of her and  erqsome knits patterns which are part of Loumms Year of Socks.


 These socks had two choices of heel detail, one to be worn with clogs.

The heel pattern detail is impossible to photograph but it is the same as this, which still is a WIP! 


Weighty Issues

This is whats going on in my head at the moment, among other minor things like redundancy!

Yes, there are a set of scales under that lot.


A close up of what one book can do to your system.

What to do next?


 The filing, what else.

Went to see this yesterday,  appx. 15 people in the cinema only 1 with popcorn.

Finally a film for grown ups.

You could almost hear a pin drop as people left the screen.

It was excellent.

Back soon.