Socktopus Sock Club 2007/8

So here is a resume of the club year, if you have joined for 2009 you won’t be disappointed.

Alice manages to come up with something new and challenging with each package.

Take a bow Jane Lithgow, Erqusome, Diane Mulholland, Alice Yu, Anna Bell and Louisa Sisson. I can knit them but I can’t design them.


6 responses to “Socktopus Sock Club 2007/8

  1. I think you could design them, if you wanted to, go on go on go on go on go on….you just choose not too, because it’s more fun knitting them!

  2. They all look fabulous, some lovely colours there too.

  3. Wow! You’ve done such a good job with knittig all of them too.

    I’ve joined for this year – am excited already!

  4. Lovely, can’t wait for this year’s club. Well done for completing them all, I am determined to do the same.

  5. What a wonderful display!!! Kudos on completing them all, I was not so talented!! 🙂

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