That Book

You know the one I’m talking about, see here and here.

As usual I didn’t think I had enough projects on needles, too many needles I think!

So, here’s the answer to what to knit first.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny

Shade: Parfait

Pattern: Pot Pourri by Deb Barnhill


I knew it would be downhill once I started so.

Yarn: Skein Queen Plushness

Shade: Caramel Blue

Pattern: Escher by Lorna Miser


 I must resist any more, well at least til I get one pair off the needles.



3 responses to “That Book

  1. That caramel blue looks good enough to eat – and so squishy too. Yum. I’m hoping my other half has taken the (rather large) hints about this book as a replacement Christmas present for something that had to be returned.

  2. ‘That Book’ arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I do not have enough needles to make all of the socks that I want to cast on straight away. I love nearly every single sock there, and quite like all the others. It’s great! Thanks for the recommendation. (Delivery of 2 Posh Yarn skeins yesterday too…)

  3. I am so tempted to do just the same as you – if the spare room where the stash lives wasn’t so chilly I’d be diving in there now…

    I love your choices.

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