Monthly Archives: February 2009

Its a First

With apologies to non spinners.

I am still knitting, socks of course!

This is 50g of BFL Superwash that I got when I did my Spinning course at Socktopus.

Turned into appx. 106.0 yards (96 m) of 4 ply.

I will be getting the dyes out when its warm enough to spend time outside (I get banished for safety).

Over spun in places and certainly over plyed but I am happier than I expected to be with my first attempt.


I’m going to York tomorrow for a well needed scalping but back for Spinning Sunday, this time I have colour planned.

Enjoy your weekend.


As if….

I was going to wait to do this.


I could be gone for some time.

St. Dunstan’s Blanket

I have mentioned Squares before but Michaela is also sending a blanket around the country to willing volunteers.

Here was me thinking that the extra jiffy envelope was a surprise gift form who knows.

The blanket has landed here so that’s put paid to casting anything else on, which I didn’t need to do but was getting itchy fingers.

Unfortunately my 2 colours are very blue/lilac but I’m sure the recipients just need a blanket not a fashion accessory.


 In answer to a comment made by Michaela, yes I do knit things bigger than socks, here it is! 

180 stitches, that’s the equivalent to 3 rounds on a sock.

Most of the other big things are still WIP’s……

First of the Season

Look away now if you don’t want to see the first pair of socks from the 2009 Socktopus Sock Club.








Pattern: Om Shanti Bed Socks by Alice Yu

Yarn: Chameleon Colourworks Evolution

Magic Looped on 2.75mm circular needle

Very quick knit and as they have grown significantly past a size 4 foot I have one 2009 Christmas present knit!!