St. Dunstan’s Blanket

I have mentioned Squares before but Michaela is also sending a blanket around the country to willing volunteers.

Here was me thinking that the extra jiffy envelope was a surprise gift form who knows.

The blanket has landed here so that’s put paid to casting anything else on, which I didn’t need to do but was getting itchy fingers.

Unfortunately my 2 colours are very blue/lilac but I’m sure the recipients just need a blanket not a fashion accessory.


 In answer to a comment made by Michaela, yes I do knit things bigger than socks, here it is! 

180 stitches, that’s the equivalent to 3 rounds on a sock.

Most of the other big things are still WIP’s……


2 responses to “St. Dunstan’s Blanket

  1. It’s looking so great – can’t wait to see it in real life!

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