Cookie A

On Saturday I am venturing to deepest darkest Chelsea for a Workshop at Socktopus. This isn’t just any workshop its a Sock Design Workshop with Cookie A.

So in readiness I have been digging out cupboards, bookcases and drawers.

Came up with 2 stitch guides, neither of which have inspired me! One appears to have every stitch pattern in that I have already knit in a sock and the other just doesn’t do anything for me, doomed.


Managed to narrow my yarn choice down to 6, we only have 3 hours knitting!


Knit a practice piece but after 1.5″ of twisted rib on 2.25mm lost quite alot of interest.


 However I have decided on a bag…….it might distract people from my lack of inspiration.


Very much looking forward to Saturday and producing something.

2 responses to “Cookie A

  1. I’ve got that ripple stitch book. Considering I can’t crochet, half of the book is useless to me. Some of the knitted patterns are ok but the colours leave a lot to be desired don’t they?

  2. I think it’s a great book but maybe not ideal for sock stitch patterns – have you got any of the Barbara Walker ones they are what I often browse for inspiration.

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