Decisions, Decisions

Do you think the Green flowers a bit bright?!


7 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I think it is absolutely wonderful!

  2. I find the pattern a bit scary! But that’s no surprise coming from someone who wears plain black…. :))

  3. Not at all – tis well pukka!

    No seriously, I really like it. I love browsing through Boden’s and their stuff is really good quality too.

    Go for it – t’would look grand on you.

  4. Wonderful not bright! If I saw someone wearing that on a gloomy day it would brighten me up!

  5. Go For It! (In the voice of Mrs Doyle) Go on go on go on go on !

  6. No, not at all! It’s just perfect for a rainy day!

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