Spindlefrog Shetland 140g

Shade: Autumn Symphony


280yards/242m Sport weight


 Wildcraft BFL/Silk 100g

Shade: Sloe’s (Gin, yummy!)


203 yards/175m Fingering weight

You can’t see the sheen or colours very well in this picture, the suns shining today!

I have put my very first spinning attempt with it, this was done on a spindle but it still helps me see that there has been improvement.


Any ideas of what to knit with these would be welcome, I am gathering a fair selection of 150-200yard skeins of fingering/sport weight.

I am feeling the need to knit lace, why I don’t know because I have a bag of shawls that never see the light of day.

So ideas for scarves for

Sundara Fingering Silky Merino 500y, Marina over Icicles

Skein Queen Mulberry, 4 ply  375y, Rockpool

I think the last is Knitting Goddess 3 ply cashmere and have it earmarked for Ishbel, not a scarf but I just have to knit it!


Enjoy your weekend.


5 responses to “Therapy

  1. Your spinning is lovely and you have got some beautful colour effects there. I particularly like the Autumn Symphony although I think it’s more a Summer symphony from the colours!

  2. Lovely.

    I often find inspiration for my handspun in Knitty’s spinning section and my all time favourite book evar – ‘A Fine Fleece’.

  3. beautiful colours! shawls don’t have to be worn to be appreciated…

  4. That is a lovely selection of yarns, yours are really wonderful. A fun knitting it all 🙂

  5. That yarn looks lovely, how about wristwarmers or Ipod cosy for the small bits?

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