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Before the Rains




Clematis Nelly Moser.

The best display yet.


In a Spin

As predicted I did the cheap anti-social option last weekend and stayed away from Eastbourne, the weather helped.

Easy Knits BFL

Colour: Planet Earth

181 yards worth

Easy Knits Planet Earth2


Colour: Olive and Espresso

168 yards

Thylacine BFL Silk Olive Espresso

Lime Green Jelly Merino

Colour: 007? bought at last years I-Knit so I think perhaps Jo was too busy to name these!

233 yards of much more even spinning, I might finally be getting there.

Lime Green Jelly3

This weekend I’m going for the world washing and ironing record, visitor due!

Enjoy your weekend.


Himself has taken off, with the contents of our loft to here!

It was a hard decision but someone had to stay and review the dust.

Do I.

Have a Knit/Spin in?

Venture to Eastbourne, where there is a new yarn shop AND even more important a Lakeland? All of which will cost money.

Do Housework????? (Scrap that idea, I have much more sense)

Make Curry and open a bottle whilst avoiding watching the Eurovision, it won’t be the same without Terry?

I know which way I am leaning and its the anti social one.

Gordons Malysian Chicken Curry and Chicken Tikka Masala ( I am filling the freezer aswell as my stomach).

Enjoy your weekend.


A rare thing happened last week, I thought I’d clear some WIP’s.

Now you know its rude to laugh!

So I dug out the bags, 1 Lace Ribbon scarf, 1 Magic Ball scarf, 1 February Lady, 1 Skin of the Sea, 1 Kyla, 1 Marietta Rib sock, 1 Socktopus March Sock club sock and half a washcloth (watch this one!).

Plus 1 spindle with Lime Green Jelly fibre half spun.

I started and finished a NEW scarf, see previous post.

I spun up 100g of NEW fibre.

I started and finished 3 NEW washcloths and finished one from the above list, its a new obsession. Does mean that my Peaches & Creme stash has diminished so that’s some sort of clearance.

Not quite what I had in mind but how can you not like this selection?

Dishcloth medley

All in Peaches & Creme Ombres worsted.

Patterns are:

Round Dishcloth

 Lizard Ridge Dishcloth

Circle Cloth


Marietta Rib

I finished the Marietta Rib socks,  off ribbing for a while now.

Pattern: Lucy Neatby Marietta Rib socks from Cool Socks Warm Feet.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny Sock Club

Shade: Jam!

Onwards and Upwards, as they say.

Summer Lace

Sometimes there is nothing beats knitting a bit of lace.


Especially when you have a new jacket for the British Summer, dark denim, which I still see as slightly industrial but an invaluable item.


I have knit a few lace items which sit in a superior carrier bag, not your average supermarket plastic I’ll have you know(helps my conscience!), that never see the light of day. Mainly because these are wraps or shawls which at 5′ 3″ they drown me and generally get in the way. I am strange.


So for this jacket I remembered this stash and realistically decided on a scarf,  one that is likely to see light of day.


 Pattern: Three Sisters Scarves #2  (Ravelry link). It is slightly different to the original, no garter ridges in between the pattern repeats.

Yarn: Skein QueenMulberry(sadly discontinued but I have another skein) – 30 % Silk, 70 % Merino 375 yards. There is a smidgen left.

Shade: Rockpool

Dimensions: 7″ x 73″ my usual hard blocking!

A very quick and effective knit.

Back to the socks.

Who ate all the?

Bettys Macaroons 001

We did!

Raspberry, Pistachio, Chocolate but Lemon are the best.


Happy weekend.


Not much need for the Mac at the weekend, in fact I had to buy T-Shirts!

A good day so far.

 Sainsbury’s brought my shopping and a £10 voucher.


These have just been delivered.


As its good drying weather the ironing pile is reaching record heights!!

What more can you ask for.