Summer Lace

Sometimes there is nothing beats knitting a bit of lace.


Especially when you have a new jacket for the British Summer, dark denim, which I still see as slightly industrial but an invaluable item.


I have knit a few lace items which sit in a superior carrier bag, not your average supermarket plastic I’ll have you know(helps my conscience!), that never see the light of day. Mainly because these are wraps or shawls which at 5′ 3″ they drown me and generally get in the way. I am strange.


So for this jacket I remembered this stash and realistically decided on a scarf,  one that is likely to see light of day.


 Pattern: Three Sisters Scarves #2  (Ravelry link). It is slightly different to the original, no garter ridges in between the pattern repeats.

Yarn: Skein QueenMulberry(sadly discontinued but I have another skein) – 30 % Silk, 70 % Merino 375 yards. There is a smidgen left.

Shade: Rockpool

Dimensions: 7″ x 73″ my usual hard blocking!

A very quick and effective knit.

Back to the socks.

8 responses to “Summer Lace

  1. I love this! Just when I decide to finish all the many second socks, you put temptation like this in my way…. (I have been wanting a new scarf for some time now, looks like this might be it.)

  2. Gorgeous, lovely colour!

  3. Looks fantastic!

  4. it looks fab – and will set of the dj really well!

  5. Exquisite lace 🙂

  6. Beautiful, I love the colours. They go perfectly with the dark denim too.

  7. Oh you do make some lovely things, that scarf is adorable! I can see that looking at your blog is going to send me out on a frenzy of project envy!

  8. Gorgeous scarf, Michaela! Happy knitting! 😉

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