A rare thing happened last week, I thought I’d clear some WIP’s.

Now you know its rude to laugh!

So I dug out the bags, 1 Lace Ribbon scarf, 1 Magic Ball scarf, 1 February Lady, 1 Skin of the Sea, 1 Kyla, 1 Marietta Rib sock, 1 Socktopus March Sock club sock and half a washcloth (watch this one!).

Plus 1 spindle with Lime Green Jelly fibre half spun.

I started and finished a NEW scarf, see previous post.

I spun up 100g of NEW fibre.

I started and finished 3 NEW washcloths and finished one from the above list, its a new obsession. Does mean that my Peaches & Creme stash has diminished so that’s some sort of clearance.

Not quite what I had in mind but how can you not like this selection?

Dishcloth medley

All in Peaches & Creme Ombres worsted.

Patterns are:

Round Dishcloth

 Lizard Ridge Dishcloth

Circle Cloth


Marietta Rib

I finished the Marietta Rib socks,  off ribbing for a while now.

Pattern: Lucy Neatby Marietta Rib socks from Cool Socks Warm Feet.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny Sock Club

Shade: Jam!

Onwards and Upwards, as they say.


3 responses to “Clearance

  1. Well done!

    Lovely wash cloths – adore the colours.

  2. Oh for goodness sake! Will you stop making pretty socks – don’t you think I have enough to knit already without you putting more temptation in my way?

    I got my mum to use all my peaches and cream to make i-cord aned have started sewing it tightly together to make a big bath mat. It’s very colourful. Just taking a long time to sew!

  3. wow, I had forgotten how much I like dishcloths! Yours are beautiful and as for the socks, well I am off in search of that pretty pattern! You’ve done well…

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