Himself has taken off, with the contents of our loft to here!

It was a hard decision but someone had to stay and review the dust.

Do I.

Have a Knit/Spin in?

Venture to Eastbourne, where there is a new yarn shop AND even more important a Lakeland? All of which will cost money.

Do Housework????? (Scrap that idea, I have much more sense)

Make Curry and open a bottle whilst avoiding watching the Eurovision, it won’t be the same without Terry?

I know which way I am leaning and its the anti social one.

Gordons Malysian Chicken Curry and Chicken Tikka Masala ( I am filling the freezer aswell as my stomach).

Enjoy your weekend.


2 responses to “Deliberations

  1. Possibly another reason to go to Eastbourne!

  2. What is the new yarn shop like? Might take a trip there if it is worth it!

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