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Artist Open Houses

Each year we visit Artists Open Houses in May.

This year was no exception, except, I couldn’t disclose what we bought because it was for my intolerant Sister’s Birthday(now you know who the intolerant is).

Apart from working for a very well know Tea Room her life’s ambition is to find a way to make all cakes Dairy Free.

So you can imagine this was just perfect for her.

A Cherub Cake stand (cupcake on head).

She has since added the Butterfly bun, Fairy Cake and half eaten.

Cake stand 001

Today is her birthday

Happy Birthday Cherry ‘B’. xx


In a Spin, literally

Some rather nice, and useful, yarn which I have recently turned out. In my opinion!

Feltstudio merino silk1

FeltStudioUK Merino Silk Fibre


Spun up to Light Fingering 401 (the 1 means alot to me) yards. I also have the obligatory mini skein which is 60 yards.

Hopefully something along the lines of Ishbel for this.


The very generous Marianne(Picperfic) sent me this in addition to some delicious fibre I ordered from her Etsy shop.

Fluffnstuff Flaxsilk

Flax, Merino, Silk, Silk Noil and Angelina Sparkle

50g batt spun up to 83 yards, a little roughly by me! 

 Tomorrow I start my marathon travelling.

I will be travelling to York for a funeral on Monday, will be glad to see the end of June this year for various reasons. I then travel back to work, quite early, Tuesday morning. Back to York on Wednesday lunchtime and then on to Cockermouth on Thursday! Roll on Woolfest, I need the rest.

Its not all bad various meals are planned with family and friends at the following

Bettys (where else)

The Pipe and Glass

The Wensleydale Heiffer

M & S Sushi………

See some of you next Friday.

I’m the mis-matched munchkin BUT I will have had a hair cut.



Bought for me when my sister was in Brighton.

Just look where it was made

I have another item to collect when I get there on Friday.

Think I’ll have to pay a visit soon.

Handspun Handknit

Various distractions around at the moment, some welcome others not.

Still I knit socks because basically I still commute!

I am very chuffed with this finished pair, the first “proper” project from my handspun.

These are from Wildcraft Sock Roving, I managed to get 248 yards. Hence the length of the leg.

The pattern was Wendy’s Toe-up.

Not blocked I’m afraid, just dragged onto the blockers. Shameful.

Handknit Wildcraft 

Next another pair, not matching though.

I hope to get rid of these before I leave for Woolfest so I can have something fresh on the needles.

With the help of 6+ hours of extra train travel I may manage it.

Ensnared and circle


Bottom Sock

Pattern: Ensnared beware this is very snug round the ankles.

 I have used 2.5mm all through and they are still snug.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny

Colour: Adventure Green

Top sock

Pattern: Circle Socks Love this pattern.

Yarn: Lisa Souza Sock Merino

Colour: LimeNViolet

Happy weekend.

Stop I want to get off!

Its been a bit hectic, in a nice way, around here recently.

Last weekend we had the intolerant(as in Lactose) to stay, so we toured some National Trust places. Here’s one of my favourite shots, from Scotney Castle which I preferred to Sissinghurst but that is mainly because Sissinghurst was

a) Much busier because it was our second stop

b) HOT, HOT, HOT. I don’t do heat too well.

We managed to find the Asparagus farm who also had fresh Broad Beans, delicious.

Plus a Cherry seller on the road side, double delicious.

Something that has been noted is that we visited Chapel Down and came away without any wine, unknown.

Here’s one of my favourite shots.



There are many more here.

Enjoy your weekend.