Stop I want to get off!

Its been a bit hectic, in a nice way, around here recently.

Last weekend we had the intolerant(as in Lactose) to stay, so we toured some National Trust places. Here’s one of my favourite shots, from Scotney Castle which I preferred to Sissinghurst but that is mainly because Sissinghurst was

a) Much busier because it was our second stop

b) HOT, HOT, HOT. I don’t do heat too well.

We managed to find the Asparagus farm who also had fresh Broad Beans, delicious.

Plus a Cherry seller on the road side, double delicious.

Something that has been noted is that we visited Chapel Down and came away without any wine, unknown.

Here’s one of my favourite shots.



There are many more here.

Enjoy your weekend.


One response to “Stop I want to get off!

  1. That sounds nice, I hope you survived! Its cold today.

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