Handspun Handknit

Various distractions around at the moment, some welcome others not.

Still I knit socks because basically I still commute!

I am very chuffed with this finished pair, the first “proper” project from my handspun.

These are from Wildcraft Sock Roving, I managed to get 248 yards. Hence the length of the leg.

The pattern was Wendy’s Toe-up.

Not blocked I’m afraid, just dragged onto the blockers. Shameful.

Handknit Wildcraft 

Next another pair, not matching though.

I hope to get rid of these before I leave for Woolfest so I can have something fresh on the needles.

With the help of 6+ hours of extra train travel I may manage it.

Ensnared and circle


Bottom Sock

Pattern: Ensnared beware this is very snug round the ankles.

 I have used 2.5mm all through and they are still snug.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny

Colour: Adventure Green

Top sock

Pattern: Circle Socks Love this pattern.

Yarn: Lisa Souza Sock Merino

Colour: LimeNViolet

Happy weekend.


5 responses to “Handspun Handknit

  1. your handspun socks look fab!

  2. Fabulous, especially the handspun socks, very special! I still think your six hours on the train is qicker than ours on the road…we’ll hopefully have time to compare notes at ‘the fest’!

  3. Hand spun socks? It is true then, you are a goddess!

    I’ve used 2.75mm for Ensnared and it’s still snug. The pattern pulls a lot and doesn’t look anything like the photo on the pattern sheet. Not a pretty pattern. (Love your colour choice though)

  4. “Wow !”at your handspun socks!

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