In a Spin, literally

Some rather nice, and useful, yarn which I have recently turned out. In my opinion!

Feltstudio merino silk1

FeltStudioUK Merino Silk Fibre


Spun up to Light Fingering 401 (the 1 means alot to me) yards. I also have the obligatory mini skein which is 60 yards.

Hopefully something along the lines of Ishbel for this.


The very generous Marianne(Picperfic) sent me this in addition to some delicious fibre I ordered from her Etsy shop.

Fluffnstuff Flaxsilk

Flax, Merino, Silk, Silk Noil and Angelina Sparkle

50g batt spun up to 83 yards, a little roughly by me! 

 Tomorrow I start my marathon travelling.

I will be travelling to York for a funeral on Monday, will be glad to see the end of June this year for various reasons. I then travel back to work, quite early, Tuesday morning. Back to York on Wednesday lunchtime and then on to Cockermouth on Thursday! Roll on Woolfest, I need the rest.

Its not all bad various meals are planned with family and friends at the following

Bettys (where else)

The Pipe and Glass

The Wensleydale Heiffer

M & S Sushi………

See some of you next Friday.

I’m the mis-matched munchkin BUT I will have had a hair cut.


2 responses to “In a Spin, literally

  1. mini skein??? ok I never make a mini skein..wild reckless fibre fiend that I am…yes this time next week we’ll be tucked up in my polo with lots of yarn and fibre on the way!!!! see you soon! x

  2. Oh my, only just found this! I love the way the batt had turned out, it looks lovely! I also love the other yarn you have made, so fine a beautiful! It will look gorgeous as an Ishbel..

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