A not so quick Toddy

Finished, after a little bit of wrangling with the fit.

As I have mentioned many times I am a tight knitter so after 2 false starts with these I finally accepted that 3mm needles were the only option. Wasn’t too keen because this won’t make these the hardest wearing socks, but you know how many pairs I have in stock so that shouldn’t be a problem here.

Pattern: Marlene by Cookie A

Yarn: The Yarn Yard Toddy, if you haven’t tried it yet do. I see this as an addiction.

Colour: Limes, delicious.


  Excuse the photo, we are in slight disarray at the moment this was the cleanest surface.

Next sock project.

Socktopus Sock Club

Yarn: Toddy

There’s a trend developing here.


 A Little Night Music was brilliant, especially with the sound of the Underground in the background. We managed to make an earlier train home and had a lovely day on the Island on Saturday.


2 responses to “A not so quick Toddy

  1. Marlene is fabulous. Heart and Sole is next on my list once I’ve finished the last toe on my Toddy Hopsox. Just can’t get enough!

  2. Love the socks, the pattern and colour go so well.

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