In a Quandry

To ply or not to ply.

To ply or not

Yarn Yard  BFL fibre

I did buy this fibre with the idea of plying the two together when spun but now I’m not so sure.

Will the semi green spoil the variegated by making it too bright??

To ply or not2To ply or not3

Before I forget I’ve also knit something, not a sock! It is however a pair of something, somthing essential for August. Actually a wet suit would have been more use yesterday.

LGJ Endless Love Berryhill

Pattern:BerryHill Mitts (Look in the sidebar)

Yarn: My Handspun. This was Lime Green Jelly Merino

Shade: Endless Love

Spun up to roughly (aren’t all mine rough) DK. 120y. After knitting these I had a few yards left.

Enjoy your weekend.


One response to “In a Quandry

  1. I love the mittens. i am not sure if you should ply the greens. Do a little tester. I might do a similar thing with my green spinning as I think I want a 3 ply!

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