Well, I did it


I love the result.


Spring Shoots-YY BFL

Over 750 yards of Yarn Yard BFL. Light Fingering weight.

 Lemon Grass3

Christened Spring Shoots, now.

It will be admired for some time yet.

Back to the socks, do you think its excessive to pack 20 skeins for a fortnights holiday?

Enjoy your weekend.

6 responses to “Love

  1. Thats lovely yarn isn’t it! You got lots of yardage too.

  2. gorgeous greens, 20 skeins may be ambitious but will leave you plenty of choice!

  3. Fabulous spinning in one of my very favourite colours. Twenty skeins might seem a bit excessive but if you want to use the time to learn new stitch patterns you might want to get a few started – I’d take 20 sets of needles too – just to be on the safe side….

    Have a lovely holiday anyway!

  4. 20………theres no room in the car for that… to fit my camera bag in!

  5. Absolutely love the yarn, what gorgeous colours.

    Twenty skeins might just be enough ….

  6. Exquisite colours!!!
    And no, twenty skeins is not too many!

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