Chain Reaction

The very kind, and patient, Jo came to help me with my Chain/Navajo plying recently. It isn’t something suited to the fast drivers of Spinning Wheels, such as me.

Anyway I partially rebuilt the building site, our lounge, put curtains at the window and a rug on the floorboards.

As luck would have it I had just bought a Fibreholics Sample box which contained 5 x 20g samples of fibre from various suppliers so some were spun up in readiness. I had my usual leftovers from both the Yarn Yard Green and also from some Lime Green Jelly Merino/Seacell that became this huge 648 yard skein.

 LGJ Merinoseacell1

I have improved although still have speed issues!

 Heres some of our attempts drying in the breeze.



One response to “Chain Reaction

  1. That looks good spinning. I can’t wait to get back to my wheel.

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