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Short and Sweet

My head hurts.

Its been a busy week.

New Job.

5 days commuting, I am only used to 3. Thats 8 more hours in transit.

Dorian Gray is a strange film, even with Colin Firth.

How do Pizza Express explain running out of Rocket and therefore not being able to serve up my favourite pizza? (Soho)

In York this weekend, going to see Julie and Julia.

Back soon with some Tiger Feet!!

Enjoy your weekend.



Handbags and Gladrags

Fridays here already and that can only mean one thing.

Strictly, yippee.

 The last time I had Glad rags was when I was a teenager.

Did anyone else got to parties in long dresses?

Don’t think I was ever allowed sparkly shoes, thank goodness someone had sense.

My preparation for this seasons sequin fest has started.

I have cast on 460 stitches using a provisional cast on. That means counting 920 stitches or not as I had 3 times. With my nerves in tatters I thought it wise to knit a few rows so I have done 4 in each colour. I finally opted for the Blue Vesuvius Lucy Neatby and the Pink Koigu, the effect isn’t too obvious yet.

Here it is hanging out of my lovely new bag.

Now Handbags I have many of, they fit no matter what size and you never have to try them on, perfect.

 Misc 001

The inside has a row of three pockets on either side, could be deeper but thats the pattern.

Misc 002

This is the prototype, there will be more but I only had 2 pieces of patterned fabric big enough.

Enjoy your weekend and remember….you know whats coming.

Keeeeep Dancing!

 (Hope the catchphrase hasn’t changed.)

P.S. Monday I start a new job, the Grey Matter will be working for the first time in 5 years! Nervous, you bet I am.


Strictly 2009

You may have gathered over the years that I am rather addicted to Strictly Come Dancing. Sad but true. It’s a family thing and this will be the second year we have had a sweepstake, we have yet to get excited about a few names that we haven’t heard before.

So these are my contenders:

Linda Bellingham

Ali Bastain (who?)

Natalie Cassidy

Joe Calzaghe

I see an early exit among these four.

 Every year I try to have a simple non sock project to knit while watching and this year I have decided on a Scrappy Lengthwise scarf. Despite its name and the huge supply of sock scraps I have I am using full skeins to try and get a bit of co-ordination. I have a few in stock.

 Here is the shortlist, I am actually thinking of the blue,  middle or even the big blue (Lucy Neatby) with the Koigu pink, small skeins bottom left. Watch this space. AND I have a new bag for the project, my mum is clever!


Sorry I’m not sure why WordPress won’t let you enlarge photos all of a sudden. Maybe I need to read more!

Short and Sweet

I won’t bore you with ALL the details but we have returned from our Northumberland adventure. A lovely area which didn’t fail us despite the crowds of Bank Holiday weekend.


Here we have a small selection of pictures, some of the wildlife were very accommodating.

Gateshead Millenium Bridge, Docile Butterfly, Blade of grass!, Ross Sands Beach, Cragside, The Sage Gateshead, Dunstanburgh Castle,  Baltic Gateshead,  finally the usual shot of a Dahlia at Cragside.  Himself has a slight aversion to buzzy flying thing’s, none of his pictures look like this.

I think I took 20 skeins, only managed to finish 3 socks but started a few others. The 10 pairs for Christmas has gone up in my mind but thankfully I’ve remembered a few pairs secreted for such an occasion.

I-Knit, on Friday was very good especially the Yarnissima and Speed Knitting workshops. I did feel Natalie was brave sitting next to me speed knitting, there could have been casualties! Something that needs a bit of practice.