Strictly 2009

You may have gathered over the years that I am rather addicted to Strictly Come Dancing. Sad but true. It’s a family thing and this will be the second year we have had a sweepstake, we have yet to get excited about a few names that we haven’t heard before.

So these are my contenders:

Linda Bellingham

Ali Bastain (who?)

Natalie Cassidy

Joe Calzaghe

I see an early exit among these four.

 Every year I try to have a simple non sock project to knit while watching and this year I have decided on a Scrappy Lengthwise scarf. Despite its name and the huge supply of sock scraps I have I am using full skeins to try and get a bit of co-ordination. I have a few in stock.

 Here is the shortlist, I am actually thinking of the blue,  middle or even the big blue (Lucy Neatby) with the Koigu pink, small skeins bottom left. Watch this space. AND I have a new bag for the project, my mum is clever!


Sorry I’m not sure why WordPress won’t let you enlarge photos all of a sudden. Maybe I need to read more!


3 responses to “Strictly 2009

  1. Oh yes I can’t wait for Friday. I just soooo love S.C.Dancing.

  2. I love the scrappy scarf. Perhaps I’ll start one of those . Afterall, I’ve not started anything for at least, ooh, 3 days…

    I’ve never really watched SCD – the 3 males who live with me (husband and children) really don’t like that sort of thing. So it’s back to Simpsons and Futurama for me. Oh hoorah.

  3. I’m not happy about Arlene’s exit, but I will still be watching! and probably spinning…..spinning is always on the cards when I don’t have a suitable knitting project for watching telly!

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