Handbags and Gladrags

Fridays here already and that can only mean one thing.

Strictly, yippee.

 The last time I had Glad rags was when I was a teenager.

Did anyone else got to parties in long dresses?

Don’t think I was ever allowed sparkly shoes, thank goodness someone had sense.

My preparation for this seasons sequin fest has started.

I have cast on 460 stitches using a provisional cast on. That means counting 920 stitches or not as I had 3 times. With my nerves in tatters I thought it wise to knit a few rows so I have done 4 in each colour. I finally opted for the Blue Vesuvius Lucy Neatby and the Pink Koigu, the effect isn’t too obvious yet.

Here it is hanging out of my lovely new bag.

Now Handbags I have many of, they fit no matter what size and you never have to try them on, perfect.

 Misc 001

The inside has a row of three pockets on either side, could be deeper but thats the pattern.

Misc 002

This is the prototype, there will be more but I only had 2 pieces of patterned fabric big enough.

Enjoy your weekend and remember….you know whats coming.

Keeeeep Dancing!

 (Hope the catchphrase hasn’t changed.)

P.S. Monday I start a new job, the Grey Matter will be working for the first time in 5 years! Nervous, you bet I am.



3 responses to “Handbags and Gladrags

  1. Best of luck for your new job. I am not allowed to watch strictly!

  2. I remember going to a party in 1975 I was 14) wearing a long skirt, made by my Mum , platform sandals, and stick on nails ( which lasted 5 minutes and pinged off everywhere!! Oh the glamour!)

  3. I had gold sandals and a long frock for my parents ‘Ladies Night’ – I was 8. I loved those sandals and wore them with everything at every opportunity.

    Was a bit disappointed with 1st night of SCD – first time ever I was bored *shock* am hoping tonight is better.

    Good luck for Monday.

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