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Just Passing

 Thought I’d better let you know I’m still here!

I have been reading blogs and Ravelry but just haven’t got round to writing here.

The new jobs much more interesting than the one I’ve done for the last 5 years, it is also taking alot of learning.

I haven’t even got photo’s to show you, they aren’t on this Laptop, Doh.

If you are in Lewes on Saturday, I’m the one helping Jo (and looking very vacant). Come and say hello.

Then I get to spin on Sunday, the wheel has been packed away for a couple of months. Yippeeee.

See you all soon.



The Yarn Yard

There seems to be a theme to my knitting currently, as you may have guessed from the title of this post.

Here are three pairs of socks I can show you but there have been another 2 that I can’t, done in YY yarn aswell. All part of the Christmas sockathon.

Pattern: Aquaphobia

Yarn: Bonny

Shade: “Tiger Feet” (Sockclub)

This pattern makes a lovely thick sock.

I also think it helps with bright yarns by blending the colours. Personally I love the effect.

Socks2009 001

  These next socks would be mine, were I a bedsock wearer. I just love the colour mix and the yarn is so soft.

 Although today is a bit cool so you never know! 

Pattern: Om Shanti Bedsocks

This pattern is from a Socktopus Sockclub kit and may or may not be available at some point. It is such a quick effective Toe-Up knit, on this pair I have adapted the top to be K1tbl, P1 Rib.

 As I have 2 bed sock wearers in the family this will be revisited many times.

Yarn: Hug

Shade: Lime Pickle

 Socks2009 003

  Pattern: Fiori Di Zucca (Sorry, this is another Socktopus Sock Club Pattern)

Yarn: Bonny

Shade: “Primavera” (Sockclub) – Christmassy I think.

Misc 008

Our Lounge decorating is finished, Dining Room reclaimed, lights fitted, Carpet laid, Furniture seized by a Dutch Bank….Thanks for that!

Thankfully we hadn’t been very quick at getting rid of the old stuff.