The Yarn Yard

There seems to be a theme to my knitting currently, as you may have guessed from the title of this post.

Here are three pairs of socks I can show you but there have been another 2 that I can’t, done in YY yarn aswell. All part of the Christmas sockathon.

Pattern: Aquaphobia

Yarn: Bonny

Shade: “Tiger Feet” (Sockclub)

This pattern makes a lovely thick sock.

I also think it helps with bright yarns by blending the colours. Personally I love the effect.

Socks2009 001

  These next socks would be mine, were I a bedsock wearer. I just love the colour mix and the yarn is so soft.

 Although today is a bit cool so you never know! 

Pattern: Om Shanti Bedsocks

This pattern is from a Socktopus Sockclub kit and may or may not be available at some point. It is such a quick effective Toe-Up knit, on this pair I have adapted the top to be K1tbl, P1 Rib.

 As I have 2 bed sock wearers in the family this will be revisited many times.

Yarn: Hug

Shade: Lime Pickle

 Socks2009 003

  Pattern: Fiori Di Zucca (Sorry, this is another Socktopus Sock Club Pattern)

Yarn: Bonny

Shade: “Primavera” (Sockclub) – Christmassy I think.

Misc 008

Our Lounge decorating is finished, Dining Room reclaimed, lights fitted, Carpet laid, Furniture seized by a Dutch Bank….Thanks for that!

Thankfully we hadn’t been very quick at getting rid of the old stuff.

5 responses to “The Yarn Yard

  1. I love all of them, but especially the first pair, that slip stitch is very clever.

  2. My goodness – you have been busy – excellent pattern/ yarn choices, they match beautifully.

  3. Gorgeous socks, I particularly like the pair in Hug 🙂

    Furniture seized by a Dutch Bank?! That sounds bizarre to say the least!

  4. Well if they don’t have a home, I wear bed socks!

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