Bedtime already and I haven’t been here to tell you about yesterday. Nor have I taken any photos, so that’ll be next Saturday when I next see daylight. Not sure work would like me carrying sock blockers, Fibre and Yarn to photograph, but then they do know I’m strange.

Anyway, had a fabulous time yesterday very inspiring. Chatting with lots of like-minded people and enablers(Jo!).  Linda dropped by, it’s always nice to meet people who take time to read my ramblings. I may have required an extra seat on the train for my purchases AND it definitely was me that won one of the lovely hand-woven Silk Scarves in the Raffle.

The Little Gem(Spinning Wheel for the uninitiated!) has been released from captivity and I have practised on some yummy Merino so watch this space for progress.

Night, Night. x


One response to “Ooops

  1. Nice to see you there! I felt a bit yuck with the cold so wasn’t really normal! Look forward to seeing the spinning progress.

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