I was going to show you a couple of pictures of WIP’s today, unfortunately someone has pinched the camera to take pictures of trains!

So I have found one of my favourite pictures to add a bit of colour to this post.


As you can see it was taken a while ago, on our trip to Sissinghurst in May.

Will try and get back later in the week with the WIP’s but I am currently churning our Fingerless mitts of this variety, Scrunchie Handwarmers.  A very quick and effective knit which we are hoping the teenagers will appreciate! The spinning has come to a halt again, I can’t believe how 8 extra travelling hours a week has made such a difference but hopefully that will change after Christmas.

 This weekend I had a hair cut booked in York,that was until the hairdresser sold up. With hair as fine as mine I am nervous of trying new hairdressers, especially of the expensive variety so I cancelled the appointment and instead used the trip to transport the Christmas shopping North. I wouldn’t even dare to try and count how many times I have travelled up and down the East Coast Mainline but Friday saw the demise of yet another Franchisee, National Express East Coast and my journey home yesterday the appearance of East Coast directly run by the Government. I sadly have an interest because I come from a Railway family and did in fact work for Intercity East Coast. Hope thats vague enough for you not to judge me too harshly.

Back to the cleaning.

Enjoy whats left of your weekend.


3 responses to “Hello

  1. wouldn’t it be fab to have a hat which resembled the fluffy/spikey centre of that fab poppy?

  2. Thats a nice picture, love the reds. I hope you manage to find a hairdresser.

  3. I’ve made the ridiculous decision to grow my hair, nothing to do with my hairdresser, who is very good and knows just what to do with my hair….I’ve just got to get over it….think it must be something to do with the big 40! Finished my scrunchie handwarmers except for sewing in the ends.

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