Monthly Archives: December 2009

Sneaking in

I should be working, but. This is one of the projects this week while I am home.

Lime Green Jelly Merino Silk, its like butter to spin.

The colour is “Too Hot to Handle”.

This is daylight work so during tv delights such as Dr Who, Cranford, Wallace and Gromit and Outnumbered I am speeding (well maybe thats a slight exaggeration, I’m easily distracted) through Calloway in Lovely, lovely Yarn Yard Clan. Brilliant pattern and I think a new yarn favourite.

Itching to start some colourwork practice though. I also have a secret santa gift to knit for the end of January.

 Perhaps the colourwork will be delayed a while longer.


Strange but True

A Sockclub package arrives, you rip it open. Inside is a skein of the much coveted Wollmeise Merino, 525 metres of, in  lovely shades of  red/brown/orange. Then the pattern, by Yarnissima no less. What more could you ask for?


Despite all the positives I, for some unfathomable reason, took against this pattern.

 I think the purling was the start of it then came the cabling on almost every row.

Still I persevered.  


In the meantime two more club packages have arrived! (I have also slotted in a hat and a few mittens).

FINISHED, yes I am shouting! Boxing Day 2009.

I think they were worth it.

Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, I will try to get my act together for blogging again in 2010.

May even pop back before then, only 1 day of work this week! 

Could you resist?

As predicted, I gave in.


Have tried to capture the colours that attracted me to this scarf. Its a Margot Selby creation. There were a few colourways I was tempted by…..better steer clear of that shop til the sale.

Unfortunately the studio shop is walking distance from my new office, doomed.

Happy Birthday To You and you and you

P/HOP is now a year old and if you pop over here, make a donation you could win a year of Yarn Yard Yarn.

Not a bad deal and all for a very deserving cause.

In October we had a rather big birthday to celebrate here.

Celebrations started in September and finished in November but for me the highlight was a trip to the St Pancras Champagne Bar, Highly recommended if only for the station Architecture.

We have now found where the underseat heating controls are so could stay longer!

Yes, that is a Eurostar train in the background.

So today is my Birthday and himself is Nights so fast asleep.

So left unattended I am not going to Lewes to buy that lovely scarf I saw on Saturday. Even he doesn’t believe that!

It isn’t knitted before you criticise.

Enjoy your day.