Strange but True

A Sockclub package arrives, you rip it open. Inside is a skein of the much coveted Wollmeise Merino, 525 metres of, in  lovely shades of  red/brown/orange. Then the pattern, by Yarnissima no less. What more could you ask for?


Despite all the positives I, for some unfathomable reason, took against this pattern.

 I think the purling was the start of it then came the cabling on almost every row.

Still I persevered.  


In the meantime two more club packages have arrived! (I have also slotted in a hat and a few mittens).

FINISHED, yes I am shouting! Boxing Day 2009.

I think they were worth it.

Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, I will try to get my act together for blogging again in 2010.

May even pop back before then, only 1 day of work this week! 

2 responses to “Strange but True

  1. Carrie (Crochet-y-Knitter)

    Please send me some of your patience and perseverance!
    I too took against this pattern and you have now inspired me to pick them up again.
    Yours look fabulous!

  2. They are gorgeous, beautiful, although I have taken against the cabling on the heel!

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