Sneaking in

I should be working, but. This is one of the projects this week while I am home.

Lime Green Jelly Merino Silk, its like butter to spin.

The colour is “Too Hot to Handle”.

This is daylight work so during tv delights such as Dr Who, Cranford, Wallace and Gromit and Outnumbered I am speeding (well maybe thats a slight exaggeration, I’m easily distracted) through Calloway in Lovely, lovely Yarn Yard Clan. Brilliant pattern and I think a new yarn favourite.

Itching to start some colourwork practice though. I also have a secret santa gift to knit for the end of January.

 Perhaps the colourwork will be delayed a while longer.

One response to “Sneaking in

  1. Lovely spinning. I haven’t even started my Lime green jelly fibre yet! Have a great 2010!

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