Life on the Edge

Of Brighton NOT the Alps.

We seem to have been forgotten by someone.

I’m sure the town centre is clear but who has made it in? Can you tell I’m unimpressed….

This is the end of our street, leading onto a bus route, no sightings since Tuesday.

The company are trying, using coaches with snow chains to operate a bus route along the sea front!

The A23 London Road.

Another part of our bus route.

I am told by Scott of the Antartic that the A23 has improved but the rest is more or less as it was when these pictures were taken on Wednesday.

Me, I thankfully have an understanding boss and had the foresight to bring my Laptop home on Tuesday although I think they find it hard to believe I can’t get in to London from Brighton. I would spend the day getting to the station.

Our favourite storecupboard item this week.

Keep Warm.


One response to “Life on the Edge

  1. We have loads here too, its starting to melt but not much!

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