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Finally a Socktopus 2009 Sock Club finished. I was keeping up well til last September’s kit, then I dropped behind very quickly.

This pattern was written by Cookie A 

The yarn is  Enchanted Knoll Farm Superwash Sock Yarn.

Shade: Emerald Lake.

These are the first Christmas knit for 2010!

Pure fluke but the pattern had to finish on a certain row and that took it over my foot length.

Now to finish the last 2009 club kit and the first 2010.

After that (or maybe as a distraction)I am hoping to re-visit this pattern.

 And perhaps write it up for P-hop.

Watch this space.


Here I am

Been missing in action again, sorry. Its been enjoyable though so I’m not that sorry….

A couple of weekends ago I was in York, nothing unusual there apart from the fact that I spent the Saturday with a bunch of lovely, lovely knitters. Needless to say I didn’t take a camera, even if I had I am too shy to use it in company! Natalie has blogged about it.

Have you heard of P-hop? We had a snooker table full of swap items, I have to confess to having added to the pile. I did leave before the swap took place but people took it in turns to choose an item, most of which were yarn or fibre, in return donations were made to p-hop. Not that I’m saying there was alot to swap but the total has risen significantly since the event!

I believe the residents from this weekend are planning a re run next year if not before. Perhaps I’ll make more than one day next time. The cake looked worth the effort.

Needless to say I didn’t get alot knit but came away with lots of ideas, a book to buy, a book to read and perhaps a few skeins of lovely Clan. So I am showing you some socks that were finished before the trip.

Yarn: Yarn Yard Clan (very, very similar to that German hard to get yarn!)

Pattern: Calloway by Cookie A

 Back to the 5th instalment of the Socktopus Sock Club 2009, I really need to get my finger out. AND not do any of these, as if thats going to happen.

Enjoy your weekend.