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2009 – Finally

I know its March 2010, I also know the first package of the 2010 (Socktopus) Knit Love Club has arrived and the second is imminent. But I have finally finished last years offerings.

 These are Mince Pie Mayhem designed by Alice Yu.

The yarn is a custom blend dyed by Nimu.

So the six for 2009 are:

We have had yarns from Artist Palette, Chameleon Colourworks, The Yarn Yard, Wollmeise, Enchanted Knoll Farm and Nimu.

Patterns by Alice Yu, Loumms, Ysolda, Yarnissima and Cookie A.

My Favourite?

These which look deceptively plain but have increases in the middle of the sole and are knit toe-up.

Pattern by Ysolda.

Yarn: A lovely Red Toddy from The Yarn Yard. 

Onward with 2010.

Enjoy your weekend.


Sloe down

Last September we went out for lunch whilst in York, we went here. This involves navigating a few country lanes. On the way home the shout went up, SLOES! So the driver, intent on getting home sped up.  The next day my sister and I retraced our steps, bags in hand and raided the hedgerow of 5kg of Sloes. We carried a kilo back to Brighton, not on the train for once and froze them. This helps break down the skin and saves a bit of work which I’m all for. When we had secured the Gin we bottled Gin, Sugar and Sloes and apart from the daily/Weekly shake left it to do its stuff for 3 months.

Now its bottled ready to mature for next Christmas.

Aforementioned driver thinks he has to taste it weekly, I’ve put him straight.


In January I took part in a Secret Snowflake (Santa had already been and gone). We had to gather together a package to the value of £10, very difficult for me. BUT one saving grace was you were allowed to use stash. So yet another thing that delayed my socks, it didn’t take much to persuade me.

Pattern: Damson by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Yarn Yard Toddy

I hope the recipient was pleased.

I loved the colour.

Not the easiest thing to block!

Scrunchie Handwarmers

Two of the distractions that delayed my Socktopus Sock Club knitting.

A very easy and satisfying pattern that I will knit for myself one day (don’t hold your breath).

Pattern: Scrunchie Handwarmers

Yarns: Top = Yarn Yard Bonny

Bottom = Fyberspates Merino

I know one pair have been worn!