Sloe down

Last September we went out for lunch whilst in York, we went here. This involves navigating a few country lanes. On the way home the shout went up, SLOES! So the driver, intent on getting home sped up.  The next day my sister and I retraced our steps, bags in hand and raided the hedgerow of 5kg of Sloes. We carried a kilo back to Brighton, not on the train for once and froze them. This helps break down the skin and saves a bit of work which I’m all for. When we had secured the Gin we bottled Gin, Sugar and Sloes and apart from the daily/Weekly shake left it to do its stuff for 3 months.

Now its bottled ready to mature for next Christmas.

Aforementioned driver thinks he has to taste it weekly, I’ve put him straight.


2 responses to “Sloe down

  1. Have you made chocolates with the boozy sloes? I made some at Christmas, which were very good.

  2. It’s very good, isn’t it!

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