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Another treat last weekend was a visit to Ramshambles, in The Shambles, formerly Sheepish. What an improvement, the shop actually invites you in . It early days but they already stock Knit Pro’s, I may have acquired some. You can never have enough needles.

Good Luck, to quote someone whose name I couldn’t even attempt to spell “I’ll be back”.


Memory Lane

York has a number of  iconic buildings, but one which most visitors walking into the City centre from the Railway Station will notice. The Railway is important as this is Main HQ, not just any Main HQ, The Main Headquarters of the North Eastern Railway, completed in 1906. As with a lot of these places the railway companies have moved out, was a big building to fill. It was also a building that I was lucky enough to work in for some years. The feeling of walking into somewhere like this is not the same with the modern steel and glass office blocks we are all used to now.

Last Sunday, Fathers Day, to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary.  And for good measure we’ll throw in 3 Birthdays, my family congregate around late June and early July. Me I’m December! We treated ourselves to Sunday Lunch in the Old Office not literally as I worked on the third floor. My Dad worked on the second, or so his memory tells him. My Sister had a short spell on the First floor and finally DH has attended meetings in various rooms.

I know it’s not always the fashion but Main HQ has been very sympathetically updated, a lot of things could have been changed such as the very wide corridors, the huge doorways with heavy doors. I’m told some of this is due to planning restrictions, thank goodness someone still applies these things. We were lucky enough to be given a short tour round the public rooms and some bedrooms/suites, I think they are used to the inquisitiveness of ex staff.

The food was excellent and the intolerant one even got to eat Yorkshire Pudding in a restaurant, after double checking! We were very impressed and the staff are very accommodating, I’m sure this place will benefit from crowds. Although we don’t need accommodation in York can see that this place will be full for York Race Meetings. One to put on the list for Afternoon Tea. Go and visit, if you can. The building alone is worth it.

Roger, Roger

First of the season.

 This will be an interesting post. I’m doing this from the Laptop, which has never happened before so excuse the formatting.

These are my first offering for the 12 in 12 2010 challenge.

Pattern: Roger by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)

Yarn: Cheery Tree Hill Supersock

Shade: River run

I have had a few extra minutes to get these done but this is an easily memorised pattern very well written and will be put back on the list for a revisit.

Am now tackling the Kawkawesque which, although I’m knitting the Medium size, are snug. Despite this it’s another pattern that I will knit again as they are flying along.

If I get these done in time I have a sock club to tackle, 360 beads. 180 per sock! Watch this space.

Same time next year

Have yourself a sunny weekend.

12 in 12 2010

June 1st and The Yarn Yard group on Ravelry has decided it would be a good idea to knit 12 pairs of Socks in 12 months. Much more attainable than another, very brave, group who are knitting 52 pairs in 52 weeks.

Being a sock knitter with a not so insignificant stash of sock yarn I thought why not. Immediately got out the newly purchased freezer bags, posh ones from Lakeland, and loaded 12 with yarn and patterns. Buried them in the wardrobe ans have since found more yarn and patterns I must try. It’s no good me entering anything like this, really. 

Anyway here are the original 12 bags.

Here are todays two choices.

Pattern: Kawkawesque by Yarnissima

Yarn: Posh Lucia

Shade: Safari


Pattern: Roger by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock

Shade: River Run

I’m going to put a list on the sidebar, if I can work out how to, of what pattern/yarn combinations I have in the bags.

Happy Knitting fellow 12 in 12 ers.