12 in 12 2010

June 1st and The Yarn Yard group on Ravelry has decided it would be a good idea to knit 12 pairs of Socks in 12 months. Much more attainable than another, very brave, group who are knitting 52 pairs in 52 weeks.

Being a sock knitter with a not so insignificant stash of sock yarn I thought why not. Immediately got out the newly purchased freezer bags, posh ones from Lakeland, and loaded 12 with yarn and patterns. Buried them in the wardrobe ans have since found more yarn and patterns I must try. It’s no good me entering anything like this, really. 

Anyway here are the original 12 bags.

Here are todays two choices.

Pattern: Kawkawesque by Yarnissima

Yarn: Posh Lucia

Shade: Safari


Pattern: Roger by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock

Shade: River Run

I’m going to put a list on the sidebar, if I can work out how to, of what pattern/yarn combinations I have in the bags.

Happy Knitting fellow 12 in 12 ers.

One response to “12 in 12 2010

  1. It’s good fun. I started my own one in Feb. Am on pair number 5 – Polly Jean by M J Kim. Had a couple of fails/aborts but am still loving and it’s reducing my stash nicely too.

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