Roger, Roger

First of the season.

 This will be an interesting post. I’m doing this from the Laptop, which has never happened before so excuse the formatting.

These are my first offering for the 12 in 12 2010 challenge.

Pattern: Roger by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)

Yarn: Cheery Tree Hill Supersock

Shade: River run

I have had a few extra minutes to get these done but this is an easily memorised pattern very well written and will be put back on the list for a revisit.

Am now tackling the Kawkawesque which, although I’m knitting the Medium size, are snug. Despite this it’s another pattern that I will knit again as they are flying along.

If I get these done in time I have a sock club to tackle, 360 beads. 180 per sock! Watch this space.


3 responses to “Roger, Roger

  1. They are lovely socks, love the yarn.

  2. susetheslowknitta

    fab combo of pattrn and colour!

  3. Loving those socks! I have started a sort of sock club too with Moogsmum – we pick a pattern (one of the free ones from Ravelry) and knit it up by the end of the month. We are now on our 3rd month – I’m feeling very proud that I have actually finished 3 pairs of socks already. Me! One of the slowest knitters ever! Sadly the rest of the knitting is being badly neglected…

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