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Sheddites on Tour

I’m sure the title is pretty meaningless to most, sorry. Sheddites are a group of people brought together on Ravelry by an addiction affection for the The Yarn Yard. Last year we had a meet up in York at The Bar Convent, a fairly small gathering. People stayed Friday to Monday or less. I visited on the Saturday and spent the day talking, knitting, watching knitting (generally in amazement at the piece being worked on). A good weekend was had by all.

So on to this years gathering, this was on a much grander scale, we needed a conference room and even that was full. On this weekend you only have to walk in to the place to spot a knitter, not hidden in a corner either. I spent Friday lunchtime admiring some spectacular knits. Hypernova being one of them, please please tell me I do not need to knit one of these. After all it is much larger than a sock and it is lace, not a winning combination where I am concerned.

Saturday lunch saw me admiring yet more knits, more people. That Hypernova  was still there! Then we decamped to the Conference room and proceeded to talk, knit, eat cake, drink , gift, shop and swap. Perfect.

This is my swap gift, it was a mug swap in case you were wondering. One, including its contents, to the value of £10-£12..

Lots of goodies including, notebooks, scissors, tape measure, box with stitchmarkers in and some tiny post it style page markers (you know what I mean).

Then we had a chance to study Natalie’s travelling shop. I may have indulged, thanks to my personal shopper snaffling the goodies for me. It was slightly crowded round the table.

The 2 front skeins are Clan and the colour is York Stone, how could I not have them?

Finally the P/hop swap, I have never seen so much yarn there were also needles, fibre, spindles, books and magazines. I suppose it helped that there were 50 of us. There was not a huge amount left when I departed at 5. What did I get.

Knit Picks Simple Stripes, Indie Dyer Merino 4 ply and the russet colour is what we guessed to be Dream in Colour Smooshy.

A fabulous weekend, lovely lovely people and (unfortunately) lots of ideas.


About time

The Little Gem was packed away sometime early last year, can’t remember why. Possibly visitors.

I felt it was time for a re-visit, encouraged by a Spinalong in the Shed, sorry if you have never heard of Ravelry it eats up a lot of Knitters and Spinners time in a very nice friendly kind of way.

So here she is with a couple of 20g samples of Blue Faced Leicester fibre.

The first came out thus.

 The second.

What to do next.

Do I attempt to Navajo plying, which I can’t admit to being very proficient at, which would leave me very little of either although the colours may stripe.

Or find something that may contrast with each and have a few yards of each.

You guessed it, the colours are vaguely similar in a blue/green/purple/yellowy way!


120 Yards or 109 Metres.

 A little soft set.

 I may not have forgotten everything.


I may admit to one or two obsessions Shoes, Handbags ( I think this one may have gone beyond an obsession), books and perhaps yarn.

Think something else may be getting out of hand!

Some are free, or simple.

Bargains by one of my favourite pottery companies, oh dear there’s another problem area!

Lovely gifts and brights purchased abroad. We love Agatha Ruiz de la Prada books.

More gifts and treats. Please note I do not buy them all myself, it is a known complaint.

Finally my Favourite from the Christmas/Birthday haul. From himself.

Please not you can never have enough Notebooks. Or handbags to put them in……….I’m a born optimist.

Vital Statistics

Pairs of socks completed since I started knitting socks in 2006

2006 = 7

2007 = 39

2008 = 23

2009 = 20

2010 = 29

I suspect some may have gone un-recorded.

Perhaps its time for another Sock it to Me year.

It obviously did the trick in 2007.

Have you any pattern recommendations?


I have high hopes of this being the method that helps reduce the Stash that seems to have found its way here. Will still take a few years to shift.

So far so good, the air hasn’t been too blue.

 Who knows what will happen when I get to the Heel flaps!

The Kings Speech

Just running by to say this is a fabulous film if you get the chance to see it. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are brilliant.

Only marred by the usuals in the cinema, some had even brought their own picnics! Thats what you get for going to the 12:15 screening I suppose.

Happy New Year

I’m not even going to try and apologise for the 5 month intermission! I even remembered my password

I wish you all, if there is anyone left reading this in Cyberspace, a Very Happy and Healthy 2011.

Resolutions = None.

Communication = Must try harder.

Back soon.