About time

The Little Gem was packed away sometime early last year, can’t remember why. Possibly visitors.

I felt it was time for a re-visit, encouraged by a Spinalong in the Shed, sorry if you have never heard of Ravelry it eats up a lot of Knitters and Spinners time in a very nice friendly kind of way.

So here she is with a couple of 20g samples of Blue Faced Leicester fibre.

The first came out thus.

 The second.

What to do next.

Do I attempt to Navajo plying, which I can’t admit to being very proficient at, which would leave me very little of either although the colours may stripe.

Or find something that may contrast with each and have a few yards of each.

You guessed it, the colours are vaguely similar in a blue/green/purple/yellowy way!


120 Yards or 109 Metres.

 A little soft set.

 I may not have forgotten everything.


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